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Discrimination off limits

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Promoting a better understanding and a constructive dialogue on the issue of racism in our societies, using football as a positive example. 

A platform containing stories offering positive examples of how football can combat racism and other forms of social discrimination, through inspirational and virtuous messages.





Carlos Alberto

The first mulatto to play in the Brazilian league at the beginning of the last century.


A social inclusion project located in a football field in one of the most multicultural and run down areas of Athens

Dream of a teenager refugee

The story of Francis Kalombo, 15, a refugee from Congo. He played football in Lesvos and now is a professional footballer, fulfilling his childhood dream.

Partizan-AEK, a friendly match against the war

Two weeks after the start of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, AEK travelled in Belgrade in order to play a friendly match with Partizan to say NO to war and discrimination.

The racist match

the history of an entire African state (currently Namibia) changes thanks to a football match that begins to defeat apartheid

Don’t pay attention to some few bad behafors

AEK FC player Lazaros Rota, with an origin from Albania, noted that “we should not give attention to isolated racist behaviours”.

A stateless team 

A group of Kurdish refugees created a football team in Borlänge (Sweden) and went as far as promotion to the Swedish Premier League.

The revolution of the women of Sudan

Hundreds of women who love football and are determined to take their lives into their own hands have finally created the first women’s league in Sudan as a revolutionary gesture

The role of women in Uruguayan football

At Racing de Montevideo, an Uruguayan club, a Comisión de Género y Diversidades was officially created a few months ago. A new body that is changing the participation of women in the life of the club.

The football school for children with down syndrome

Two young men from St. Petersburg have created a football academy dedicated to people with Down syndrome. Their goal: to make everyone more aware of this issue

Harvey Esajas, Martin and a disabled wheelchair

Esajas, once his career as a footballer was over for good, decided to set up a foundation that promotes social inclusion through sport

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Kit for football communication professionals


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